Misa Buckley has been running a fan site for Cliff since 2012, when it began as a community on Livejournal.

Raised on a diet of Doctor Who and Star Trek TOS, Misa is a massive sci fi fan who’s been a fan of Baal since he strolled onto the set in Abyss. Fascinated by his bad guy charm, she dug around in the Gateworld archives for interviews with Cliff… and accidentally sparked an interest that snowballed way beyond her expectations.

The LJ community was upgraded to its own website where Cliff saw and endorsed the site. He and Misa also exchanged messages on Twitter, with the odd friendship sealed via a comment about crap singing and David Hasslehoff.

Yes, really.

Sadly, hackers destroyed much of what Misa had created, and she was forced to close the site down. She managed to find a more secure home with Free Fansite Hosting and has slowly been rebuilding since. She also maintains a Facebook group – Cliff Simon Fan Network – with Cliff as co-admin.

The two finally met at Chevron 8.0 in 2013, and again at Cal Mah in 2018. Somehow, the universe is still in one piece and both hotels still standing (though one did have a little water damage…)