The Stargate Guy Interview (YouTube)
with Cliff at Gatecon 2018

The Daily Connoisseur Interview (YouTube)

Book Pleasures
Chat with Cliff about his acting career and writing Paris Nights

The Americans Spy Recap: Ass Wipe (Mar 14)
Esquire interview on Cliff’s role as the Mossad agent in “The Deal”

Having a Baal
GateWorld interview from June 2011 (Nov 09)
Part of the interview found in Stargate Magazine #31

Cliff Notes (Aug 06)
GateWorld chats to Cliff ahead of Stargate season 10 (audio and transcript)

Durbs (Jun/Jul 06)
South African online magazine

Stargate Project (Jul 05)
German Stargate fansite interviews Cliff after season 8

The Sci-fi World Interview (June 05)

Play Baal (Mar 05)
GateWorld talks to Cliff about season 8